How to find work after leaving school

When you graduate from high school or university it’s an exciting time of your life. Work, travel and the rest of your life are in front of you, but one thing new graduates all have in common is that they have very little work experience and usually no money.

finding a graduate job

Finding Work After School 

Whether you are moving into a career job or just working to save in any job you can find you will need to give yourself the best chance of success. You can do this in any number of ways:

Prepare a professional resume:   

This is the main challenge you are going to be faced with. The best advice here is to write a one page resume that summarizes your education and professional experience (in reverse order – most recent job first) and any technical skills you have. Basically 3 sections with your name, email, phone number and address at the top. We will cover more on resume writing tips in future posts.


Use your networks to find work

Once you’ve written your resume use the people you know to find work. This is how most people find work around the world. You don’t have to be rubbing shoulders with high society and attending industry events to network, emailing and calling people is networking. Just let friends, cousins and schoolmates know what you’re looking for and send them your resume. Ask if they can send it to their HR department or find out if their company is hiring.

Use recruiters to assist your employment search

Finding a good general recruiter can be a good idea, you can find a company that just works locally or global recruiters – both have their benefits. Recruiters are great for assisting job seekers to find employment. Graduates are difficult for them to work with though as they have little to no experience, making it tougher for recruiters to ‘sell’ to their clients. However, graduates can get temporary office jobs and build up basic experience with these kinds of jobs. Just be flexible, have a great attitude and openness to work in any area and you’ll be an attractive prospect. Don’t be picky on the salary at this stage. Just get started. Any experience is good experience at this stage of the game.

This is a quick summary of the best first steps you can take to find work straight after leaving school. A positive attitude, persistence and a decent resume is all you need to get your first job.